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        Welcome to Taixing Yangzi Pharm Chemical Co.,Ltd. official website


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        NONACAP Group companies
        A professional company that produces pharmaceutical intermediates

        ABOUT US

        Committed to providing excellent and reliable products and services

        Taixing Yangzi Pharm Chemical Co.,Ltd. is an enterprise that is specialized in producing the intermediate for medicine. The company is located at Taixing Economy District along the bank of YangtZe (Changjiang) River. In this Economy District, power, gas, water and plumbing are supplied centrally. The industrial pollutants are handled centrally, too. In this district there are well-equipped public facilities and convenient shipping and road communication.

        The company covers an area of 80,000 square meters with fixed an asset of over 521 million RMB. Among the morn than 380 employees of the company, there are over 100 engineers and technicians. Currently our company annually produces 35000 tons of P-Aminophenol and 10000 tons of P-Nitrophenol.

        The technology and examination methods that we use are advanced and well-developed. And because of the high quality of our products, they have been sold well to other provinces in China, as well as been exported to Japan, Southeast of Asia, Africa, Europe, North American and other countries. We currently have an annual sale of one hundred million RMB.

        Strict product management, flexible sales strategy, and welcomed new ideas are characteristics of our company. We especially pay emphasis to the developing of new products.

        Business within China and abroad is always welcome. We will offer you first class of service with high quality of products, reliable credit and more comparable prices.

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